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The startup guide to VAT compliance

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You may have read about VAT for cross-border trade and wondered if it applies to you. Since 2015 countries implemented new rules to tax cross-border e-commerce.  According to such rules merchants which sell online need to pay VAT in the country of the customer. Who is affected If those two statements below are relevant to …


5 tips for expanding your digital business to new market

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There are so many things to think about before you start selling your products in new country. You have to be sure that all internal assessment prior to the launch has been done. Here are some challenges you should prepare for before going to new market. Market research Before you expand, you have to determine …


5 main mistakes when determining VAT

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57 countries all over the world implement the VAT destination principle for companies selling digital content (everything from gaming and e-books to stock imagery). Such companies must pay VAT \GST in all countries that their customers are in. It is not only 57 different tax regimes, but also other kinds of services and means of …


Price inclusive VS exclusive strategy – VAT perspective

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When you sell locally VAT isn`t a problem you can determine constant VAT rates for each service or goods you sell. But when you sell to customers in different countries you can not use this approach because VAT on the same service or product differs in every country your customers are. Let`s start with the …


EU VAT threshold for B2C digital services for micro businesses

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Since 2019 EU introduced a new €10,000 threshold for total supplies of digital services to consumers in the EU in a calendar year. As a result, businesses will be subject only to the VAT rules of their home country if their relevant sales across the EU in a year (and the preceding year) fall below …


Basic rules about EU VAT for e-commerce sellers

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If you’re an e-commerce seller and you’re confused about your VAT obligations in Europe, don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know about how VAT works in Europe, and how you can stay compliant with European VAT rules. VAT in Europe – the basics The European VAT rules apply to the 27 EU Member States. …