Tax compliance software For e-commerce companies for 57 countries

When you sell globally, you need to pay VAT at customer's location.
Let's do it easy and accurate with LOVAT
  • Accurate Compliance

    with LOVAT you can apply
    rates and allowances and
    will never overpay VAT
  • For low cost

    Monthly subscription
  • Easy to start

    One simple API allows you to pass global VAT liabilities to LOVAT

Service overview

  • Identifies your customer’s location
  • Applies only to overseas transactions
  • All VAT compliance
  • Applies the appropriate tax rate to the transaction
  • All VAT returns are ready for submission for 57 countries
  • All data for tax audit are available
O.Rayan, Gameplay GmbH
LOVAT is a lifesaver and lets me focus on growing of my business instead of paperwork for the government. Taxes have never been so incredibly easy. Must have for anyone in e-commerce
O.Rayan, Jetshine Inc.