How it works

Option 1: Upload

  1. 1. Calculates VAT rate
  2. 2. Uploads all data from your website or marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify etc.
  3. 3. Fills Tax returns

Option 2: API

  1. 1. API integrates with your website
  2. 2. Calculates VAT rate for all your transactions integrated with your website (or mobile application – MA)
  3. 3. Fills Tax returns

LOVAT API is a programmable application interface which consists of classes, procedures, functions, structures and constants offered to the User for further integration in standalone User's software. The Service offers online instruments for charging VAT depending on customer's location.

Main features:

Collects all VAT related data
Calculates VAT according to customer location
All tax audit information is stored
VAT returns are available at the end of the quarter

All 57 countries with VAT destination principle are covered

You can exclude domestic transactions

If you already use MOSS you may stick with it for 28 countries and the rest will be managed by LOVAT.


If you already use MOSS you may stick with it for 28 countries and the rest will be managed by LOVAT

You will no longer need to go different portals to submit VAT returns

You will no longer need to keep up with tax changes in foreign countries

LOVAT doesn’t only records VAT. It’s LOVAT’s responsibility to apply appropriate tax rules for your customer’s

country/region and to calculate the taxes when they're due.


A centralized view of your transactions across devices and geographies, gives

you the insights to make strategic decisions that will drive your growth

Steps to start


Get registered

to access the API


At LOVAT portal: set up your domestic region (regions). Set up the type of services/goods you sell.


At the end of the quarter, you can check all the VAT data collected. If you have additional data you just add information. And then if everything is correct push the button fill in return.


Save your transaction records in the cloud or download in case of a tax audit. All needed pieces of evidence will be available at any time.

LOVAT API gets all the information from your website or MA and don`t integrates neither with a chart flow nor with a paygate.

Files and documentation

After registration you will be provided with a link to download API files and documentation. Firstly you can use a Playground to test integration with your website. You need to determine your domestic country (or countries) in order to exclude all domestic transactions from the system. You need to choose the type of services providing on your website to help our system apply correct VAT rate.

How it works for end users

Our system applies «VAT inclusive scenario», that means that end user see the same prices regardless of country of stay.

Prices are calculated and displayed in the shop based on gross prices, including VAT. The base price will be different for each customer due to VAT. The simple calculation looks like:

€100 * 0.21 / 1.21 = €17.36 (VAT)

This means every customer pays the same amount regardless of location and it's your profits and tax liability that vary.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the API or you need

technical support, please contact us at