• Automatically files your VAT returns
  • Sync your sales data from your sales channels automatically
  • All the forms you need go paperless: we e-sign, e-file all the forms you need
  • Unlimited tax calculations, clear pricing and no surprises

How it works

File your VAT return in minutes

Tax compliance shouldn’t take hours. So we designed it to be easy. With just a few clicks, your VAT returns for several countries get submitted. It is not an autopilot yet but it learns.



We don’t just calculate your taxes, we file them with the right government agencies every time you file tax return. Other providers charge for this — with us, it’s included.


  • Compliance, accuracy and peace of mind
  • No forgotten forms or signatures
  • VAT returns, sales lists, statistics, OSS and JPK-files are signed and stored online


Auto-calculations for fewer mistakes

  • We keep track of changing tax laws and do all the calculations for you.


Track lunches, breaks and more

Lovat’s simple thresholds tracking helps you to stay in compliance if you launch new regions of your sales.

  • 90% of our customers spend less time for tax compliance
  • 3/4 of customers say LOVAT is cheaper than their last VAT compliance provider
  • 80% of our users admit that LOVAT is ease to use software

Want to get into the details?

  • Automated taxes and filings

    No math. No stress. We’ll make sure everuthing is filed.  Learn more

  • Automated threshold tracking

    Set threshold calculation at your tax setting section and we remind you when you will reach 80% of the limit.

  • Real-time tax calculation

    Set tax rate API to your chart and calculate VAT for your sales in real-time.

  • Flexible tax setting features

    Unlimited VAT settings and sales tax settings. Multiple countries and tax schemes (general, OSS, IOSS). See what you get

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does your software support?
LOVAT operates across the globe.
What if I need manual tax filling?
You can upload your transactions manually. Find the explanation video on our Tax academy page.
Can you teach me how to use LOVAT software?
LOVAT support team can guide you through your account and discover all its features for you.
Do you store my tax data? If I stop using your platform will they still be available for me?
All your data is stored on our servers during 10 years in the cloud.


 Automatically files your tax reports

Real time tax calculation

Lovat Marketplace API is a powerful tool you can integrate to your checkout flow. Support sales, use, withholding, VAT, and reverse VAT taxes.
Upload your sales data from different sources

Tax accounting

At lovat platform you can fill and submit VAT returns, sales tax returns, IOSS and OSS tax returns directly to tax authorities.
Available in 57 countries

Monthly tax reports for Vendors

Your vendors even when they don’t pay VAT or sales tax need to have sales data with information about remitted tax.
Available in 57 countries

Reports for tax authorities for more than 60 countries

Record keeping regulations differ in every country. Data matrix set for each country of your tax obligations.

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payment through PayPal or bank transfer after the invoice is issued.

Can I access LOVAT Software offline?

You will need an internet connection to access LOVAT.

Can my accountant get access to my account?

Sure. After you sign up, you can add the new user with their own login to access the account.

How do I make sure my data is secure?

When you use LOVAT software, all your data is stored on our servers in the cloud.

I sell goods to several States in the US. The monthly value in 10 States is approaching the threshold for Sales Tax. How will be the tax counted for all the States?

You will need the Subscription for 1 country – USA. All the states will be included in the report. Choosing the subscription without auto submission you are supposed to submit the report by yourself. In case you need to do it automatically you will have to order the auto submission and pay additionally per each report.