There are different situations why you may need foreign vat registration:

  • Sell goods online
  • Store goods in the European warehouse where you are not established
  • Exceed the distance selling VAT threshold when you sell cross-border
  • Sell digital services
  • Host conference abroad and others – if you are not sure ask our expert
  • You cannot benefit from OSS registration

In this case you need to get intra-community VAT number, or foreign VAT number.

Amazon PAN–EU package

Amazon PAN-EU program helps FBA sellers to sell their goods across the EU and grow your business. But you will require to register for VAT in all countries which your goods are store.

You can use our ‘PAN-EU 6’ package for obtaining VAT registration in DE, IT, FR, PL, ES, CZ.

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Frequently asked questions

How long the business VAT registration process take?

Receiving the VAT number can take up to 12 weeks. It depends from country to country.  For example, in Germany the timescale is approximately 8 weeks, in France 6 weeks and in Italy 5 weeks.

Which documents are required for going VAT registered?

  • A legal identification document (I.D. card / passport) of the applicant  
  • Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (applicable to Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships)  

Can I apply for backdating VAT registration?

If you have already made taxable transactions but failed to register, the legislation in most countries allows you to register with a back-dated registration date

Is it possible to apply for VAT number in non-EU countries?

Yes. We can register your company for VAT  wherever you want

*please note that duration of receiving the european VAT number and the list of needed document can differ from country to country

What documents are needed to register for OSS?

If you are an EU business and have a VAT number in your domestic country you don’t need additional documents only a filled Application form

If I am a non-EU business and want to obtain an OSS VAT registration number can I do it without general VAT registration?

Yes, you can get OSS registration (non-union scheme) without General VAT registration.  As a non-EU taxable person, you can register to OSS if you comply with two conditions:

  1. You haven’t a business establishment in the EU
  2. You are not registered for VAT in the EU

I'm an Amazon seller and use FBA. Can I deregister in the pan-EU countries and get an OSS number instead?

No, as you use warehouses in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech, Spain you cannot report your VAT data to this countries via OSS, you need to keep your pan-EU VAT numbers

We are an EU business and From 1 st of July 2021 eBay will pay my VAT in EU countries, should I still report such sums in OSS return?

Yes, if you are an EU business you will need to report all revenue with 0% VAT which you sell via OMP

A sell at Etsy less than a threshold in all countries, will marketplace keep selling my goods across EU without VAT?

No, there will be no distance sales thresholds after 1 st of July 2021. That means that you need to register for OSS if you want to sell across the EU, even though VAT will be deemed by OMP

We are OMP, can we register for OSS to report and pay VAT across the EU?

No there is a special VAT registration for OMP