Smart VAT reporting for e-commerce sellers

LOVAT software is the easy way to do VAT compliance outside your home country. Focus on growing of your business and get the careless feel of being VAT compliant. Change you mind about world of taxes.

How LOVAT can help

Overcome the obligatory of tax reporting in 5 minutes

Automatically files your VAT reports

Upload your sales data from different sources

Available for 57 countries

All-in-one solution for your global VAT liabilities

  • Accurate VAT calculation – you will never overpay VAT
  • Never miss a filling deadline - fill your tax return automatically
  • Be always ready for tax audit– download your tax returns in any format

We don’t just calculate your taxes, we file them with the right government agencies everytime you submit them. Other providers charge for this - with us it’s included.

Meet our customers

Best tax reporting service ever! Very professional and helpful staff, easy and reliable software to use, pricing is also great.

Adam Sekuła

Tax reporting with Lovat is made with a higher level, it is automated and easy to use. The customer service delivers fast and consistent answers, it is always online with a chat to solve problems instantly. Pricing is an issue for us, and they are definitely competitive.

Alfonso Rusciano

Stargem Srl
Lovat helps me to calculate VAT to various countries. Since my business operates in multiple countries, it's not easy to calculate them accurately. But with Lovat, VAT calculation does not bother me anymore.

Dmytro Belko

My favorite thing about Lovat is the automation of almost everything. With the different integrations possible – I’m able to upload my data, fill the return and submit it a few clicks and all in one place and this saves really much time for me and keeping me sure that I’m up to date with everything regarding taxes.

Dmitry Chervonyi

It used to be very time-consuming to do submit all my VAT returns and do VAT registration in every country where my business has grown, now, thanks to LOVAT this is in the past.

Zalina Nizhegorodova