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Many companies offer affiliate programs and make it possible to earn on referrals. But not all of them are the same: there are affiliate programs with low commissions or unstable terms, but there are others that can offer really profitable partnerships that will benefit all parties.

Lovat affiliate program – is an opportunity to earn 15% from each referral purchase, without any deposits, pitfalls, or hidden conditions.

How It Works: 3 Simple Steps



Fill out a simple online form to start earning right away. With no checks and waiting
Tell about Lovat

Tell about Lovat

Let your audience know about Lovat's cool deals. Use your social networks, blogs, videos, and more for this
Start earning

Start earning

Get your 15% from every referral purchase

Lovat affiliate program benefits


1 Expert support
Account Managers, SEO experience, and tips on how best to promote Lovat to increase your earnings.

2 Availability
Registration is completely free and does not require any waiting for confirmation. You can start earning immediately.

3 High fee
Earn 15% for every purchase your referral makes.

4 No limits
There is no upper limit for earning, it all depends on you. 


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What can you promote?

  • Sales tax & VAT compliance
  • EPR registration
  • Tax cloud service
  • Sales tax, VAT & IOSS/OSS registration
  • Marketplace tax management
  • Tax Rate, Feed, OMP & OMP report API


How soon can I start earning?

In order to become a Lovat partner, you need precisely as much time as it takes you to fill out the online form. Once you complete it, you become a full partner. No waiting!

For whom is the Lovat service best suited?

Your references can be absolutely all companies and sole proprietors who operate in the foreign market, have online stores or are just planning to enter the international level.

What is the maximum number of referrals available per month?

There are no limits, you can bring as many referrals as possible.