VAT calculator

When you sell cross-border you may need to charge VAT (GST) according to your customer location. With Vat calculator you can find a VAT rate and calculate VAT amount for your invoice. Bear in mind that this calculator is for information purposes only. You may need to check whether you need a tax registration or may use zero rate for your remote sales with our tax team.

Just fill your country and find out VAT rate.

If you sell goods with non-standard VAT rate fill HS code of your goods.
Note: This calculator just provides an estimate of VAT based on the information provided by the user, and should be used for informational purposes only. It doesn’t cover export-import sales. If you need precise calculation, you may use Lovat platform for your sales.
VAT exclusive
VAT inclusive
HS Code i

There are two main approaches to
calculate VAT for remote online sales:

  • Origin principle – departure address of the order or seller address for digital sales
  • Destination principle – arrival address of the order or buyer location for digital sales
By default you need to use the Destination principle when sell digital services or sell above the threshold in the EU.
But When you sell below the EU threshold you need to use the destination principle for VAT calculation.