Gather all data smoothly in your platform

Gather all data smoothly in your platform

Your tax questions answered by our support team

Your tax questions answered by our support team

End-to-end file your DAC7, VAT reports online

End-to-end file your DAC7, VAT reports online

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DAC 7 reporting for EU and Non-EU platform operators

Easily collect report data, track it automatically, and make the needed reports with just a few clicks.


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Easy integration with your engine

We support free integrations for Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, and other marketplace engines. If you haven’t found your platform in our list of integrations we can build it for you for a reasonable price.

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Onboarding process

  • We give you all the instructions about the datasets you need to collect for each region you sell.
  • After integration (in sandbox mode) we help you to identify what data you have and what is missing.
  • You can add data to your website engine or upload manually via the Lovat platform.
  • We check if you are good to go live.


It's time to easily generate year-end reports and produce tax statements for your sellers.


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You should integrate with Lovat if your platform offers services for:

  • Renting residential and commercial properties;
  • Renting any type of vehicle;
  • Performing personal services;
  • Product sales.


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Don’t miss your DAC7 reporting deadlines

No need to put the important dates into your calendar or hope for a nudge from an accountant – Lovat will remind you ahead of time and help you get prepared.


Pricing: DAC7, VAT, and Sales tax filing covered with one subscription

Lovat subscription for marketplaces depends on the number of merchants you facilitate. You can find full pricing here.


Have questions? Book a call with our sales team.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to submit a report on all sellers on the platform, or are there any threshold values for DAC7 reporting?

Marketplace facilitators don't need to report about sellers with fewer than 30 transactions yearly on the online marketplace and total payments under 2,000 euros ($2,100) during the reporting period.

What can I do if sellers on my platform fail to provide the required information for DAC7 reporting?

Marketplace operators must close the accounts of sellers who haven't given needed information. If the seller doesn't respond 60 days after the last reminder, marketplace must suspend their account. Merchant can re-register after they provide the information.