LOVAT for Startups Partner Program

LOVAT for Startups Partner Program

You want to help your startups succeed in the international market. Let’s unite energy!


Lovat is a tech startup and, in the beginning, a lot of companies and people helped us grow, we want to give back to the startup ecosystem. The Lovat for Startups’ mission is to help thousands of startups to expand globally and don’t be stopped by tax bureaucracy.


We know startups aren’t the only ones in this way. Our goal is to help you help your startups succeed. Through our partner program, we collaborate with a global network of accelerators, incubators, VC firms, and entrepreneurial organizations to help startups go global smart. The program includes startup-friendly prices for Lovat tax software as well as other benefits listed below.


Startup-Friendly Pricing

Lovat for Startups teaches startups how to understand tax responsibilities, track tax thresholds and charge the right amount of tax selling globally, and we offer them the software to do it at a price catered to their budgets.


Startup-friendly pricing for your portfolio companies:

  • 80% discount for the first year
  • 50% discount for the second year


Educational Resources

We create consistent, top-notch content specifically for startups. From on-demand videos to content kits, we have an ever-growing library of resources that will help startups understand the international tax landscape.


Startup-Friendly Onboarding

  • Registrations completed by our team of tax experts
  • Full access to all features and integrations of the Lovat platform
  • Friendly onboarding and professional customer support


Ready to join the Lovat for Startups Partner Program?

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