US Sales tax calculator

Just fill your US ZIP or address and find out sales tax rate

By default you need to use the origin principle – where are goods are located at the time of sale – departure address.

But for us soon as you have an economic nexus or sales tax registration in Arrival state you need to calculate Sales tax under the destination principle.

Lovat's online sales tax calculator makes it quick and easy to find out the exact tax that is levied on sales of goods and services. The tax rate for products or services varies by state or region, so we are using counting according to addresses or zip codes. If you have questions or need help, please contact Lovat’s support.

Features of the formation

Sales tax is the percentage of the total purchase which is taxed. It is a one-off tax, and the collection is carried out in the sale process to the end consumer. Thus, the tax is paid by the buyer to the seller during the shopping, and from the company to the state. Sales taxes vary by state and region, so we get local and state differences. And for example, the UK and EU have their own rates and taxation features.

Sales tax by state

The tax rate is set at the local and state levels. There is no specific indicator for all of America. For example, in some US states, such a tax is not levied at all. Therefore, if you are trading remotely with other certain US states, be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws and determine whether you need to pay sales tax and what is its current rate.

Local level taxes

The local tax rate is set on the basis of city or county laws. This can be either a fixed rate or a temporary rate that is entered for a project within a city or county. Usually, local rates are much lower than state taxes, but you need to be aware of their presence.

How to calculate on Lovat’s calculator

Using our free sales tax adder, you will need to fill in several fields - city, street, zip code, and IP address (digital and information services only). When you have entered all the data, just click the "Calculate tax" button and you will receive all the necessary information. In doing so, we recommend considering the following points:

  • You are free to enter a zip code only, but we recommend that you also enter the exact address, because the tax amount can vary even for the same zip code.
  • Over time the rates may change - the converter by using a special formula, makes it possible to obtain information based on the currently available rates.
  • Lovat’s calculator and decalculator are for informational and exploratory purposes only, so that you can estimate the current rates.

With Lovat's sales rate calculator, you can automatically calculate the rates for each transaction, which will save you a lot of time. You can also take advantage of our flexible software, which covers taxation almost all over the world. Automate tax compliance with Lovat.