Sales tax registration

Online sellers may need a sales tax registration number in various States. One of the common reasons for obtaining a sales tax certificate is the use of a warehouse to store goods in multiple states. In each state in which you store your goods, you must obtain a sales tax certificate. The second common reason for the need to obtain a sales tax number is exceeding the sales threshold for that state.
Sales tax registration

How LOVAT can help

How to order Sales tax registration

Fill out the form online

Fill out the form online

Choose a date for registration

Choose a date for registration

Get sales tax number

Get sales tax number

Service advantages

  • You do not need to fill out the documents yourself and visit the tax office - everything can be done online
  • Available as for US-based businesses as for foreign companies selling to US customers
  • You can choose a date for the registration – including backdated
  • cumulative discounts
  • all USA + Puerto Rico
Service advantages

Compliance with tax obligations is a critical issue that must be considered when developing a business. These are not all the taxes your company will have to pay, as the rules vary from state to state. The main differences usually lie in the taxpayer himself - it can be either a service provider or a client. Also, in order to obtain all permits and comply with laws, businesses need to consider both local and state laws. Lovat will help your company get the process right and obtain a registration number sales to meet all federal requirements and receive the necessary approvals regardless of state or county. Our support will guide you on where to register. Our tax team can advise on the tax registration date. If you need to create a tax account with a state - just inform us - it is included in the tax registration fee. For more information, please contact customer support. They will answer all questions about registration, tell you how to use bonuses from Lovat partners.

Our customers about Lovat

We liked that all of our transactions from different regions and sales channels are uploaded to one place and safely stored there. Whenever needed - we can check all the information about those, which helped when we had questions from tax authorities regarding our sales. The feature of auto-submission for Sales Tax is also brilliant and saved much time for us as we sell in various states.
David Levi

David Levi

Levi Consulting
I recommend this software for good money value. The support team can consult for the questions you face. The paltform in easy to use and it offeres a free trial period. So you can first try how it works from the inner site and than decide if this solution suits your needs or not.
Igor Shamin

Igor Shamin


Frequently asked questions

Sales tax registration: who, when and why

If you are selling online overseas, you will need a sales tax registration number. It will depend on the state. Also often such a need arises if commercial warehouses which store company property in different states. And for each such state, you will need a separate certificate. A sales tax number is also needed when exceeding the sales threshold in a particular state, this is the second most popular reason.

When do we need to register for sales tax?

Sales taxes (GST) are required for all sellers, be it a product group or a service. All this is necessary to follow the laws of the country in which you develop your business. Most states in America only require sales tax registration, while a number of states also require tax registration with a federal id number issued by the IRS. Depending on the state, the reg period is different. For example, in the state of New York, businesses must apply for a certificate 20 days before tax collection starts. For online sales, everything is more individual, and you need to track your activities in order not to be late.

Maine Tax Registration

Consider the example of a firm that has already reached the Maine nexus and needs to register to pay taxes. The Maine sales tax registration includes the following information: personal and business identification info (SSN, EIN, address, etc.); business entity type; description of what your business sells. The registration process itself can be completed on our website. To do this, you need to complete an online form, select the registration date and get a tax number. This is the easiest and most convenient way because you don't need to go to the tax office and fill out the paperwork yourself. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

Do you also provide use tax services?

Our auto-filing feature support sales-tax only service. If you need use tax service, we can do it manually with consulting services from our tax team.

What is New York sales tax web file?

It is portal form of sales tax return. When you sell online you need to file this form for several Jurisdictions in NY state with schedules. When you use Lovat platform you can download these schedules and upload them to nys sales tax web file.

Do I need to get sales tax certificate if we have small sales and only have started selling in the US?

When you are a remote seller, you need to register right away when you have nexus in the state. If you sell from abroad and don’t have a local warehouse you don’t obliged to get a sales tax certificate unless you reached a yearly threshold.

What is a sales tax permit?

It is a registration number and a certificate in a state that allows you to collect sales tax in this state. This registration also allows you to issue exemption certificates to your suppliers to be able to buy goods or services for resale without sales tax.

Why sales tax filing is important?

If you do not comply with government requirements, this will entail not only financial damage (fines), but a strong blow to your company's reputation as well. To be safe, you should always comply with all tax obligations, and also keep an eye on any changes in the rules.

Why Lovat

At Lovat, we are working to make the sales tax filing process as easy as possible for our clients. We offer a handy and simple solution that you can use to make the whole process as light as possible. Lovat benefits: possibility to fill out all documents and submit an application online; enables sales tax registration for both foreign and US companies; the ability to independently choose the date of registration, and even arrange it retroactively; special offers for regular customers; covers all states of America plus Puerto Rico. Another important advantage of Lovat is a professional and loyal support service. The competence of our tax team includes advice on all issues, the creation of tax reports, audit help, and any other assistance you may need during the registration process. Just contact our manager if you need help with registration or need advice on any issue.