28 countries introduced EPR compliance obligations Austria, Germany, Sweden, France, Poland, the UK, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

6 countries in the European Union Austria, Germany, Sweden, France, Hungary, and the Netherlands introduced an EPR responsibility for all producers and sellers without a minimum threshold. And this means that if you sell your product in a package, even 1 piece, you already need to report. In France, EPR is not only for packaging but also for producers (importers, distributors) of certain types of goods. This concerns the trade of batteries, textiles, tires, electrical and electronic equipment, furnishing, chemicals, end-of-life vehicles, boats, medicine and medical devices.

EPR registration number – is a unique number assigned by Central Agency Packaging Register in Germany and by The French Agency for Ecological Transition in France. EPR certificate doesn’t have an expiry date and must be accompanied by a license. Minimal price for a license in Germany is 40 Euro in France – 150 euro per year. If you sell textile packed in plastic package you need to get two EPR numbers from France: first for plastic, second number for textile.

Registration is more advantageous with an EPR reporting subscription for sellers.

When you subscribe for a year, registration is free.
Auto submission of the EPR report in the presence of integration with the marketplace.

*additional costs for a license from 40 euros per year net for Germany & 150 euro per year for France.


How to apply

Fill an application form

Fill an application form

Get your unique EPR number

Get your unique EPR number

Pay for a license

Pay for a license

How to stay compliant:

  • get your EPR number in countries where you sell your goods with packages
  • collect all package information (type of package)
  • submit year EPR report

Reporting subscription starts from 95 Euro (net) per year. Leave a request for registration or reporting.

If you have questions, you can get extended producer responsibility consultation from our experts. Just send your question to our contact form. Or get community support in our telegram chat.

For Amazon sellers, we have unique benefits – auto-filling and auto-submission features. As Lovat software has an App at Amazon you can install our app to your store and authorize Lovat to process all your packaging data. If you set auto-submitting mode – Lovat software will prepare a full EPR report and send it to you for approval. After you click the button “Agree” your EPR report would be submitted online via the Lovat platform.


Reporting deadlines

The first annual EPR report needs to be submitted in 2023. Reporting deadlines are set by Licensing companies that’s why it depends on your license agreement. Lovat users can check their EPR deadlines on their Lovat dashboard. You will get EPR deadline reminders and never miss your EPR due date. There are quarterly due dates for big producers and sellers – with more than Glass: 80,000 kg of glass or 50,000 kg of paper per year.

Frequently asked questions

I see that Amazon indicates that my EPR category is "primary packaging". So, I understand that I should have a LUCID number, but not an EPR agreement. Is it correct?

Primary packaging is a material used to protect the product. When you as a seller ship your goods to amazon each item might be somehow packed – for example shampoo in plastic bottles, earings in boxes etc. Both FBA sellers and self-fulfilled sellers need to be compliant with primary packaging. An example of primary packaging for fragrances – is a perfume box. Secondary packaging is shipping packaging. This includes a plastic mail envelope, box, or bag used to protect the product during postal delivery to the customer.

I’m an online seller and sell through my website to customers in Germany. What type of data to collect to be able to fill EPR report.

You need to collect type of package, quantity for bottles, weight for carton and plastic.