5 países introdujeron obligaciones de cumplimiento EPR Alemania, Francia, Polonia, Reino Unido, Grecia, Lituania y Eslovaquia.

2 países, Alemania y Francia, introdujeron un modo de notificación sin umbral. Y esto significa que si vende su producto en un paquete, incluso 1 pieza, ya debe informar.

El registro es más rentable con una suscripción de informes EPR para vendores:

  • cuando te abonniert por un año, el registro es gratis
  • envío automático del informe EPR en presencia de integración con el mercado
  • zusätzliche Kosten für eine Lizenz ab 25 Euro pro Netto



5 countries introduced EPR compliance obligations Germany, France, Poland, the UK, Greece, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

2 countries Germany and France introduced a reporting mode without a threshold. And this means that if you sell your product in a package, even 1 piece, you already need to report.


Registration is more profitable with an EPR reporting subscription for sellers:

  • when you subscribe for a year, registration is free
  • auto submission of the EPR report in the presence of integration with the marketplace
  • additional costs for a license from 25 euros per year net


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How to stay compliant:

  • get your EPR number in countries where you sell your goods with packages
  • collect all package information (type of package)
  • submit year EPR report


I see that Amazon indicates that my EPR category is "primary packaging". So, I understand that I should have a LUCID number, but not an EPR agreement. Is it correct?

Primary packaging is a material used to protect the product. When you as a seller ship your goods to amazon each item might be somehow packed – for example shampoo in plastic bottles, earings in boxes etc. Both FBA sellers and self-fulfilled sellers need to be compliant with primary packaging. An example of primary packaging for fragrances – is a perfume box. Secondary packaging is shipping packaging. This includes a plastic mail envelope, box, or bag used to protect the product during postal delivery to the customer.