Transaction-based pricing

Our pricing model is based on the number of transactions. 10 API calls are equal to 1 transaction. For example, creating an invoice would require several API calls. For example, call to Tax rate API to get tax rates for the order, and call to invoice API to generate an invoice. Any Lovat API tax calculations or rate lookups that we provide are counted as 1/10th of a transaction towards your monthly transaction total.

To make it easy to understand our pricing, we have defined a number of transaction thresholds for each plan. For example, the startup plan has a transaction threshold of 100, which means that you can make 1,000 API calls before you have to pay any additional fees. Once you exceed the transaction threshold, you will be charged for additional transactions at our standard rate. 

Here is a table that summarizes our transaction-based pricing:

Plan Transaction Threshold Additional Transaction Fee
Start-up 100 20 eur per 5 000 transactions
Standard 1 000 20 eur per 5 000 transactions
Premium 10 000

We believe that our transaction-based pricing model is the most fair and transparent way to charge for our APIs. It allows us to provide our customers with a clear understanding of how much they will be charged for their usage, and it encourages them to design their applications to be efficient and conserve resources.