What is EORI?

Economic Operators Registration and Identification system is a database of enterprises that run a business on the territory of the EU.

If there is no EORI number, customs clearance is impossible. In this case, goods will be stuck at customs or even returned to the sender.

The code is a 17-digit number (2 letters denoting the state, 10 digits, and again 5 letters).

This number is unique and each company engaged in foreign economic activity has the opportunity to receive only one. It is applicable throughout the EU.

When do you need an EORI number?

  • In the case of export, import to the EU;
  • In the case of transit transportation within the EU;
  • In case you need it fills in the documents provided by the EU customs authorities.

How to get the EU EORI number?

There are special features of receiving an EORI number in each country. There are also differences between companies and entrepreneurs registered on the territory of the EU and those who are registered outside it.

The residents can get the EORI number in the country of registration, and non-residents – in the country where customs clearance is done for the first time.


What documents are required?

  • Certificate of registration;
  •  VAT certificate;
  •  Passport of the applicant.



The list of documents and the submission form may differ for each country.

There is no expiration date for this code.

The EORI number in the United Kingdom

The UK EORI number is required in case the deal is done between:

  • Great Britain or the Isle of Man and any other country;
  • Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • Great Britain and the Channel Islands;
  • Northern Ireland and countries outside the EU.



Frequently asked questions

Which documents are required to register?/How to apply for an EORI number?

You should fill in the form which includes the following details to start the process of registration: Your full name; Your position in the company; Company name and address; Company Registration Number (CRN); Date of incorporation; VAT number (if available); Requested country for EORI registration.

How much does it cost to apply the service of registration?

The price for the service of registration provided by Lovat is 150€.

Can I check the validity of my EORI number online? / What is the website where I can check my number?

You’ll be able to check your number online by accessing the Economic Operator Identification and Registration system.

Does the VAT registration service include EORI number registration?

No. The VAT registration provided by Lovat does not include the service of obtaining an EORI number.

How long is the process of obtaining an EORI number? (How many weeks will it take to issue the EORI number?)

Usually, the process of registration takes around one working week starting from the moment when you’ve provided all required documents.

Do you have a service for obtaining an EORI in the UK?

Yes. The price is 150€.

What is the UK EORI number?

The UK EORI number is similar to an EU EORI number, but it is issued by the UK Customs Authority (HMRC) and is only valid in the United Kingdom.