OMP Pricing

Our OMP Integration Engine provides a seamless and secure API (Application Programming Interface) for third-party systems to integrate into our Live Tax calculation system and to communicate securely via SSL protocol. Platform-independent, it supports both Tax calculation and Tax information collection. All solutions can easily be adapted and meet country-specific tax regulatory requirements.

*Updated for BREXIT and 2021 EU VAT reform.

Monthly subscription Starter 80€ Buy now Basic 200€ Buy now Standard 600€ Buy now Standard + 800€ Buy now Professional 1500€ Buy now Advanced 2000€ Buy now Enterprise 3600€ Buy now
Number of merchantsUp to 15 merchants1002502505007001000
Number of transactionsUp to 10005000500010000100002000030000
US Sales tax calculation
EU VAT calculation
Export, import calculation
Multi currency
Merchants tax reports
Add- ons
Monthly subscription Starter 80€ Basic 200€ Standard 600€ Standard + 800€ Professional 1500€ Advanced 2000€ Enterprise 3600€
+5000 Additional Transactions 20€20€20€20€20€20€20€
VIES VAT number validation 20€50€100€100€
Global taxes rates (Canada, Australia, UK, etc.) 100€200€600€600€1000€2500€3000€
+ additional 100 merchants (+1000 for Enterprise plan) 300€300€300€300€300€100€
Additional VAT return country 80€80€80€80€80€80€80€
US sales tax return auto-submission 25€25€25€25€25€25€25€
DAC7 report 200€200€200€200€200€200€200€

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payment through PayPal or bank transfer after the invoice is issued.

Can I access LOVAT Software offline?

You will need an internet connection to access LOVAT.

Can my accountant get access to my account?

Sure. After you sign up, you can add the new user with their own login to access the account.

How do I make sure my data is secure?

When you use LOVAT software, all your data is stored on our servers in the cloud.

I sell goods to several States in the US. The monthly value in 10 States is approaching the threshold for Sales Tax. How will be the tax counted for all the States?

You will need the Subscription for 1 country – USA. All the states will be included in the report. Choosing the subscription without auto submission you are supposed to submit the report by yourself. In case you need to do it automatically you will have to order the auto submission and pay additionally per each report.