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The guideline for VAT compliance

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Since 2015 countries have applied to new rules for e-commerce and transborder trade, those who trade online are obligated to pay VAT in the country of the buyer. You might want to know if and how the new rules apply to you. Who is affected If any of the statements below are relevant to you. …


5 tips for expanding your digital business to new market

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There are few things to consider before you expand the market overseas. Here are some tips for preparation and internal evaluation before the expansion: Market research First, know your existing competitors in the new market. A detailed competitive analysis could be conducted by various online tools. For example, all-in-one marketing tools like Serpstat and Semrush …


6 critical mistakes in VAT calculation on cross-border sales

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62 countries around the world use the VAT destination principle for e-commerce companies. Such companies must pay VAT\GST\IVA in every country their customers are in. It is not only 62 different tax laws, but also VAT payment in local currency, language issue, so the complexity is high and therefore e-merchants face many odds. We want …


Pricing strategy – consider the factor of VAT

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The difference in VAT rates between nations is one of the most significant things you should consider when you expand your business overseas. When you provide your goods or services to the domestic market, the VAT rate is fixed. On the other hand, when you provide your goods or services to buyers from other countries, …


The VAT threshold for micro-enterprise in the EU

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Changes to the European Union (EU) VAT rules were introduced in 2019. There is a threshold of 10,000 Euro registration for supplies of digital services. Based on the new rule, companies have to pay the tax to the consumer’s home nation if its annual sales in the EU and the former year reach 10,000 Euro. …


Basic rules about EU VAT for e-commerce sellers

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If you’re an e-commerce seller and you’re confused about your VAT obligations in Europe, don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know about how VAT works in Europe, and how you can stay compliant with European VAT rules. VAT in Europe – the basics The European VAT rules apply to the 27 EU Member States. …