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Three new types of one stop shop VAT registrations in Europe

By Anna / In Uncategorised / 3 Min read

There are three new types of registration in the EU: Union OSS Non-union OSS IOSS The schemes are optional. You are not obliged to be registered, it’s up to your choice. Union OSS – union one-stop-shop For EU businesses and EU-established marketplaces: a) For declaration of B2C distant sales of goods You cannot declare B2B …


VAT in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey

By Anna / In Uncategorised / 6 Min read

There are 4 regions connected with the UK  but VAT rules differ in all of them.   Northern Ireland is a part of the UK but for VAT purposes, this region has a separate agreement with the EU. According to this agreement sales between the EU and Northern Ireland are treated as intra- community sales. …


New EU rules for e-commerce merchants in 2021

By / In EU VAT Reform / 5 Min read

Four main changes will come into force in July 2021:   The first one concerns the new OSS system – where a merchant can do VAT reporting obligations to all EU countries via One Stop Shop and use one VAT number to be able to sell in all EU countries. The second big shift is …


New UK rules for marketplace sellers

By / In Brexit / 4 Min read

From 1st January, tax rules for Amazon sellers who are not established in the UK change. Online marketplaces will collect and remit VAT on your UK sales.   Do I need to be VAT registered? Probably, yes. If you import goods to the UK and go through customs clearance, you need a VAT number to …


Guide for importing of goods to the UK from 2021

By / In Brexit / 4 Min read

As you already know, big changes await e-commerce businesses that plan to work in the UK. The first thing is the Customs. To be able to do a custom clearance at the UK border, you will require the following: VAT number You will need a VAT number in the UK if you plan to store …


How will the changes of 2021 affect Marketplaces?

By / In Marketplaces / 4 Min read

There are two main stages of 2021 Online Marketplaces (OMP) changes: The first one –  1 st of January 2021 – is the end of the transition period and UK changes The second one – 1 of July 2021 is new EU rules for OMP Let’s explain the main concept. For tax purposes, marketplaces become …


5 Tips for an Effective Pricing Strategy

By / In Marketplaces / 7 Min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a visceral impact on global prices. It has affected customers’ demand, global trade, supply linkages, and investments. The World Bank predicts that there will be a 5.2% contraction in the global economy in 2021. Hence, it is time to start reevaluating your current pricing strategies and ensure they can adapt …


10 tips for e-commerce – get ready for Brexit

By / In Brexit / 4 Min read

As the transition period for Brexit ends on 31st December 2020, all e-commerce traders will need to consider actions before they move goods. Here some tips for you to take into account: For companies located in the UK   For companies who use warehouse in the EU, for example, Amazon FBA or another warehouse: Get …


The guideline for VAT compliance

By / In Uncategorised / 2 Min read

Since 2015, countries have applied new rules for e-commerce and transborder trade, and those who trade online are obligated to pay VAT in the country of the buyer. You might want to know if and how the new rules apply to you. Who is affected If any of the statements below are relevant to you: …


5 tips for expanding your digital business to new market

By / In Uncategorised / 4 Min read

There are few things to consider before you expand into the overseas market. Here are some tips for preparation and internal evaluation before the expansion: Market research First, know your existing competitors in the new market. A detailed competitive analysis could be conducted by various online tools. For example, all-in-one marketing tools like Serpstat and …