The new type of registration for marketplaces DAC7

By Sofi / In MARKETPLACES / November 29, 2022

In 2023 each marketplace operating in the EU need to register. This applies to EU and non-EU established marketplaces.   What kind of platforms need to register? 4 types of platforms are affected.   Platforms for: sales of goods professional services – (for example property lease (for example rent a mode of transport …


Excisable goods

By YURY / In EU VAT / November 2, 2022

The procedure for collecting excise duty in the European Union has its own characteristics and rules. To successfully conduct business in the EU countries, you need to thoroughly know the fiscal policy of Europe, as well as all the intricacies of excise taxation. From this guide, you will learn what excisable goods are, which groups …


NFT sales, summary of global tax treatment

By Sofi / In US SALES TAX / October 17, 2022

  This article is about NFTs, which are the most common today- when an NFT is a digital code that grants the owner access to a digital good. In this article, I tried to give a general overview based on the opinion of countries that have already formulated their position in writing regarding the taxation …


Import to the UK and postpone import VAT

By Sofi / In UK VAT / August 1, 2022

  When you want to import to the UK you don’t need to pay VAT at customs and then refund it. There is a possibility to account for import VAT in your VAT return. This scheme is available not only for UK-based businesses but also for non-UK businesses with UK VAT numbers. For parcels with …


Deemed supply invoices

By Sofi / In UK VAT / July 11, 2022

  When online marketplaces act as a deemed supplier of goods a situation arises when it is necessary to issue invoices from a merchant to a marketplace. Let’s examine the invoicing rules for deemed supply in the EU and the UK. Deemed supply meaning is described as a sale where tax responsibilities are transferred to …


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): new european obligations for e-commerce sellers who pack orders

By / In EPR / June 10, 2022

  The new type of reporting was introduced for online sellers who sell their products B2C. Packaging report – is the report about volumes of the package used in a country during a calendar year. This type of reporting exists in several countries such as Germany, France, Poland, the UK, Greece, Lithuania, and Slovakia. Germany …


Learn how to get your VAT refund

By Peter / In MARKETPLACES / May 20, 2022

The issue of VAT refund may come up when non-EU companies import goods to the EU and sell them via Marketplace. It arises because of two things: first, the marketplace collects and remits all VAT collected from buyers; and second, the company as an importer pays VAT at customs. The process of returning VAT can …


Canada Marketplace facilitator tax rules

By / In CANADA GST/VAT / April 12, 2022

  Canada implemented marketplace legislation on the Federal level and on the provincial level. Canada consists of several provinces and each has GST/HST tax rates which differ from 5% to 15%. E-commerce operators should use the destination principle as the way to determine a tax rate for a sale.   If you just started to …


US sales tax rules for online marketplaces. Who pays the tax?

By Peter / In MARKETPLACES / April 12, 2022

  The United States is one of those countries that have rules under which marketplaces are responsible for paying taxes on goods and services sold on this marketplace. It must be remembered that sales tax is set at the level of each state and this accordingly leads to the fact that the rules in each …


US Sales tax basics for sellers who want to sell to the US

By Peter / In US SALES TAX / February 4, 2022

The first thing you need to realize is that in terms of consumption taxes the US states differ significantly from state to state. Even in one state sales tax rates differ from district to district. You always can use our calculator to check the tax rate for specific zip or IP address.   You don’t need …