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Retrospective tax registration

By Peter / In Retrospective registration / 6 Min read

Why you may need retrospective tax registration? Sometimes sales start expanding to new markets. Especially with these remote times, we don’t know where our new customer is located. That means that we need to track: – where our customers are located; – revenue thresholds for each country; – where our goods are stored (especially when …


One-Stop Shop – EU VAT changes for e-sellers

By Peter / In EU VAT Reform / 4 Min read

General overview Distance sales threshold was replaced by EU-wide 10K threshold for digital services and goods. That means that intra-community sales are subject to VAT in the EU country of destination. This EU-wide threshold was made for micro-businesses. When they sell less than 10K euro over Europe they may charge VAT rate applicable at their …


To invoice or not to invoice that is the question

By / In EU VAT Reform / 4 Min read

From 1st of July, new VAT changes came into force in the EU. These Reforms changed the VAT compliance profile for all e-commerce sellers who sell cross-border and for marketplaces as well. We would like to see these changes from the invoicing perspective. What has changed?   Intra-community B2C sales The one-stop-shop scheme is optional …


VAT reverse charge mechanism cases for sellers and buyers

By Anna / In Reverse charge / 6 Min read

A reverse charge for sellers   1   Supply between EU member states (EU-EU) Reverse charge is a special scheme when a buyer calculates VAT and pays it. It occurs in situations of cross-border sales when your buyer is a VAT registered business. Let me give you an example: French businesses sell software to businesses registered …


Canada new GST rules for marketplaces

By Anna / In Marketplaces / 3 Min read

That seems that 2021 is to be remembered by online marketplaces. More and more countries introduce new tax rules for OMPs. And Canada is also not far behind. From 1 st of July 2021 all OMPs selling goods to private individuals in Canada must check do they have obligation to register, report and pay GST …


Import with IOSS number, customs formalities

By Anna / In EU VAT / 3 Min read

When a company receives an IOSS number it is only the first step to avoid a delay at the EU border. It is not enough to fill internationally accepted CN22 declaration for seamless import. We already saw several cases of double taxation at the border. European H7 declaration is needed at EU borders to confirm …


3 new types of one stop shop VAT registrations in Europe

By Anna / In EU VAT / 3 Min read

There are three new types of registration in the EU: Union OSS Non-union OSS IOSS The schemes are optional. You are not obliged to be registered, it’s up to your choice. Union OSS – union one-stop-shop For EU businesses and EU-established marketplaces: a) For declaration of B2C distant sales of goods You cannot declare B2B …


VAT in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey

By Anna / In UK VAT / 6 Min read

There are 4 regions connected with the UK  but VAT rules differ in all of them.   Northern Ireland is a part of the UK but for VAT purposes, this region has a separate agreement with the EU. According to this agreement sales between the EU and Northern Ireland are treated as intra- community sales. …


New EU rules for e-commerce merchants in 2021

By / In EU VAT / 5 Min read

Four main changes will come into force in July 2021:   The first one concerns the new OSS system – where a merchant can do VAT reporting obligations to all EU countries via One Stop Shop and use one VAT number to be able to sell in all EU countries. The second big shift is …


New UK rules for marketplace sellers

By / In Marketplaces / 4 Min read

From 1st January, tax rules for Amazon sellers who are not established in the UK change. Online marketplaces will collect and remit VAT on your UK sales.   Do I need to be VAT registered? Probably, yes. If you import goods to the UK and go through customs clearance, you need a VAT number to …