Understanding Autopilot mode vs. Autosubmit service 

By / In Uncategorised / April 15, 2024

Lovat simplifies tax management for sellers, but you might come across terms like “autopilot” and “auto-submit” and wonder what the difference is. Don’t worry, this article will break it down for you!



Autosubmit is an additional service that allows you to file your returns directly to the tax office. As you fill out your tax return or EPR return you have 2 options: 1. Download a file or Submit (Autosubmit). When you choose a Download option you need to go to the Tax office portal and upload a file there. With the auto-submit option, your tax return will be submitted on your behalf directly to the tax portal of the relevant country or state. 


What is the pricing of autosubmit?

Autosubmit of VAT returns is included all  VAT returns subscriptions. For sales tax subscription auto-submit fee is $20 per individual state return. They are available with a discount if bought in bundles. With a standard sales tax subscription 4 autosubmit credits are available yearly.




Autopilot is the name of Lovat’s filing service for VAT and Sales tax.


You need to enroll in Autopilot for Lovat to file your sales tax returns automatically on your behalf.  Once you’re enrolled, we guarantee to file on time so that you don’t ever have to worry about late fees, penalties, or interest.


This regime is for companies with integrated stores.

  1. Auto Transaction Upload: Autopilot eliminates manual data entry by automatically uploading your transactions to Lovat’s platform. 
  2. Real-Time Tax Calculations: Autopilot stays on top of your tax obligations by calculating sales tax and VAT in real time.
  3. Tax return preparation.
  4. Autosubmit tax return on your behalf to the tax office.
  5. Remit tax (for some regions).


What is the pricing of autopilot?

Autopilot is free for the first 12 months and it is 10% on top of the subscription after 12 month period. 

You can determine a country and a store for which you want to set this regime. 




Autopilot limitations: 

  1. The autopilot regime will be canceled if among your transactions there are transactions with warning status. For example, if a seller hasn’t set a departure address in the Shopify listing, transactions from this integration will have a warning status because a departure address is a compulsory parameter for goods. 
  2. Autopilot regime is available for companies that have at least twice uploaded transactions without warning status and all tax settings checked manually by the Lovat tax team. 
  3. As you make any changes to your business: add new stores, start sales to new regions or countries, or other significant changes. You need to stop the Autopilot regime for some time, check these changes for 2 periods and you may enroll again.