July 2021 Product Updates

See the summary of changes that were held below:


a) New Europe distant sales thresholds are available since 1. July 2021. Old threshold calculation will be available for retrospective uploadings

b) EU Tax calculation date is now synchronized with payment / transaction date for EU transactions after 1 July 2021


a) New parameters added to tax audit reports for Merchants with IOSS and OSS vat numbers. According to updates to datasets required for tax audit purposes

b) New Vendor’s parameters added to Dataset for OMPs integrations with Shopify

New features

For your convenience we have added the following functions to our platform:

a) New IOSS return is available for Online marketplaces and Merchants via in Returns section. See the video how to fill IOSS VAT return here.

b) New Merchant tax settings are available for Online marketplaces calculation rules in line with EU VAT reform – with VAT reform it is now mandatory to determine the place of establishment of merchants for OMP dataset. If you don’t have this parameter in your transaction data – it is available to add all Merchants’ tax settings in Merchant section

c) Canadian threshold calculation for OMP is now available for all OMP subscriptions. See article for OMPs with sales in Canada.

d) Magento-1 integration is launched for online stores and OMPs. Available at Stores / Project section. See Magento integration guide here