New Lovat Partner Platform: Simplified Compliance and Growth for Partners

Lovat, a leading provider of tax compliance solutions, has revamped its Lovat Partner program, offering partners easier access to the industry’s first cloud-based tax compliance and reporting software, Lovat Tax Agent, and a range of benefits designed to accelerate their business growth.


Edinburgh, May 08, 2024Lovat, a leading provider of tax compliance solutions, has unveiled substantial improvements to its Lovat Partner program. These improvements are designed to give partners easier access to new features and perspectives spanning technology and financial growth.

A key highlight of the program is the introduction of the Lovat Tax Agent, the industry’s first and only cloud solution to unify tax compliance and reporting software in one place. Tax Agent provides its partners with an overview of all details of transactions, live analytics, and requests for reviews and audits.

The Lovat Partner qualifies partners to apply, sell, insert, or create advisory/services practices around the top-rated Lovat Tax Agent to meet the needs of their clients.


Partners may generate earnings through multiple avenues within the Lovat Partner:

1. Income-generating: Partners have the flexibility to participate in three categories:

  • Referral: Earn financial benefits through compensation.
  • Solution Provider: Enhance technology and business systems by embedding or reselling the Tax Agent.
  • Strategic Alliance Partner: Expand the breadth of tax compliance-related services.

2. Focus on Customer Loyalty and Growth: Partners can now use our ready-made, easy-to-connect, dependable, and secure compliance solution. This frees them up to focus on keeping their customers happy and growing their business, instead of worrying about building their own technology.

3. Access Expertise in Evolving Regulations: Partnering with Lovat grants access to world-class regulatory analysis through a global network of tax experts. With over 19,000 taxing authorities worldwide creating an average of 10,000 regulatory changes every month, partners can leverage this expertise to stay ahead of evolving regulations, mandate changes, and tax laws.

4. Collaborate and Learn: As part of the Lovat Partner, partners can share best practices, discover innovative solutions, and forge long-lasting business relationships. The network is invested in long-term success, providing opportunities for collaboration and learning.

“Businesses today deal with ever-changing compliance rules. The Lovat Partner is here to help. We’ve made it simpler for partners to offer their clients the tools and support they need to navigate these challenges,” said Olga M., CEO at Lovat.

Partners can leverage Lovat’s integrated solution to meet their customers’ compliance demands, while also tapping into the company’s expertise in evolving regulations and tax laws.

“Today’s tax rules are trickier than ever. Businesses need a reliable partner to help them keep up with all the changes, avoid problems, and manage their taxes well,” added Olga M.

Don’t miss out! Join the Lovat Partner program today and empower your clients with a seamless compliance solution. Visit this page to learn more and apply.


About Lovat:

Lovat is a leading provider of tax compliance solutions, dedicated to helping businesses navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease. Founded on the principle that tax compliance should be accurate, simple, and supported by expert assistance, Lovat offers a comprehensive platform to streamline tax management for businesses worldwide.


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