4 easy steps to EPR reporting

1. To get started, you log in to your Lovat account and go to the “Tax Settings” item as shown in the figure below.


Image 2024 02 08t13 42 59 582z


2. Next, you need to go to the “EPR Settings” section.


Image 2024 02 08t13 43 32 093z


3. In the “EPR Settings” section, click on the button “Add new EPR“.


Image 2024 02 08t13 50 54 606z


4. You will see fields to fill in your EPR number for the required category.


Image 2024 02 08t13 51 26 553z


5. The next steps are to fill in the data:

  •       in the “Registration number” line, enter the number which you want to add;
  •       in the “Country” line, add the country for which this number is applied;
  •       in the “Type of registration” line, select the type of registration for your EPR number (packaging, textiles etc.);
  •       in the “System operator” line, select the type of operator (France packaging – Leko, France textiles – Refashion, Germany packaging – Grune Punkt);
  •       in the registration date line, specify your registration date (or 01.01.2023);
  •       in the line “License paid from” specify 01.01.2023.

Then all the information should be filled in as in the photo.

Then click on the button “Add EPR“.


Image 2024 02 08t13 53 04 038z


6. Next, your number will go into the status of confirmation by your account manager.

You will have to wait 1-2 days, after which you can proceed to the next step of filling out the declaration, which will be described in another part of the guide.


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