France Packaging EPR Reporting on Lovat

How to submit the EPR report for French packaging

This video tutorial will guide you through the submission of the French EPR ( Extended Producer Responsibility) report on the Lovat platform.

The most important points:

0:06 Submission deadline: find out about the deadline on the platform’s homepage.
0:12 EPR settings: Make sure your EPR number is enabled in the “Tax Settings” section of the platform.
0:25 Report types: Choose between “Simplified” (for companies selling less than 20,000 units to France in 2023) and “Detailed” reports.
0:54 Simplified report: Enter a product description and the number of units sold (CSUs) and submit the report
1:23 Detailed report: Upload transaction data or manually enter the weight of each packaging category and CSUs.

Steps (both report types):

1. Go to the “EPR Report” section and select “Complete EPR Report”.
2. Select the country “France”, the category “Packaging” and the reporting period “2023”
3. Select the report type (“Simplified” or “Detailed”) and continue.
4. Enter details (product description, CSUs, or weight per category)
5. Check, submit and confirm the accuracy of the data.
6. The status of the report will change to “Submitted” after approval.

Detailed instructions and visual guides can be found in the full video.