How to choose your subscription plan

You can buy and change the subscription in the “Profile” section. When you create your account, you can choose the trial tariff plan, which is available for 30 days. 


If you would like to buy or change a subscription – click “Change subscription” and you will shift to the page where you can select the appropriate subscription plan.

There are different plans – for digital or goods or both of them.

You can see the prices changing when you’re choosing different options, for example, if you will add the add-on “each additional country”.

Afterward, select countries where you want to sell.


After that – you need to select the billing method. You have the option to pay annually or monthly. If you pay annually the price will be lower but you need to pay for the whole year if you select monthly payment though you can save some money. Then you can see the summary of your order – the price for the plan and additional things that you may need.


Select an option of how you would like to pay. You can pay via PayPal using your card or you can order an invoice and as soon as your payment is processed your subscription will be activated.