How to complete your Profile

After you’ve created an account you will get to the main page of our platform.
You need to go to the profile section to complete filling in information about your company and business.


Click on “Edit company details” and on this page, you can make these changes.
Fill in your company name, full company address, contact email, and contact person.
Also, fill in the contact phone number and your domestic VAT number (if you have one).


In case you need to change your company name you can also do it. Change the name as it is shown in your legal documents. You will need to provide us with a copy of the document which shows the name of your company. After you click “save” you will get a pending message that your company name will be changed after moderation and that message will be removed after verification.


You can add a new user to your merchant account if you want. For example, not only the CEO of the company will be in charge of our account but we would also like to add an accountant who will be in charge of checking tax reports. Fill in the info and this person will be given his own access to the account using his own email and password.


In case you will have difficulties with the platform or have any questions about VAT you can always contact your manager.