How to order VAT Registration

Firstly click on “Order VAT registration”.

Choose the country where you need registration. 

Then choose the reason for registration. 

There are 3 options available. 

You can also tick the box if you want LOVAT to be your tax representative


After you have chosen the country where you want to be VAT registered you can see the price for the service.

Now you need to fill in the information about the person who is responsible for the application of VAT Registration. Usually, it’s the CEO of the company. You need to fill in your personal information and contacts. 

Please check if all the information is correct because it may be used for communication with tax authorities if they will have questions. Later you need to provide all the documents of this person and upload a power of attorney to authorize LOVAT to receive your tax certificate.


In the next step, you will need to fill in the information about your business starting with your company registration number. 

Then fill in the name of your company.

Put the date of incorporation. Also fill in your company contacts – email, phone, and legal address.


In the next section please write down 2-3 sentences about your business activity, and add the link to your store.

For selecting the type of sales there are different ones – B2B and B2C. B2B means that you sell only to companies and B2C – only to individuals.


The next points for indicating data are “Value of Supplies” and “Bank details”. 

Now you need to upload the documents for the primary person like the director. You can see the list of documents.


After you click next these documents will be uploaded and our team will get them for VAT registration. 

You should check if everything that you have filled in before is correct. If it’s OK then you just go for the button “submit information” and after that, you will get the message that your order has been placed and soon you will get an invoice emailed to you.