Go global with Lovat Platform

In today’s world, everything moves faster. Domestic shoppers look beyond their borders when they go online. And they expect goods faster. To be able to move fast and sell more you need to go cross-border. But at the same time, it becomes much more complicated to comply with the tax rules in several countries. 


Lovat is an all-in-one solution for VAT and SalesTax registration, VAT calculation, and VAT or sales tax reporting in any country of your customers.


Here is how it works: сreate a merchant account, choose a country you need to be registered for VAT or sales tax,  upload the documents, and within a couple of weeks, you will receive your VAT number. 

Then upload your sales data from different sources– it could be your website, a  merchant account at the marketplace, a payment provider, or an accounting system. You can also set up automatic uploading.


You can subscribe for tax alerts. Then you will receive a deadline reminder that you need to fill out your VAT return. Go to the portal, and check all VAT data. here you can see the tax which is due. 


To see the status of your documents or to access your returns just visit your Lovat homepage. With Lovat, you keep up with the speed of the business your tax data is secure and always available for any purpose.