Lovat Newsletter – December 2023

Don’t miss the EPR reporting dates. They are very soon

Lots of sellers and manufacturers have already got their first EPR numbers. It’s time to get ready for the first reports. Let’s remind ourselves of the deadlines.


Reporting times depend on your license and usually last from January 1 to August 1, depending on the country. For example, in the UK, if you make packaging, you must send your yearly EPR report by May 31 of the next year. In France, if you make batteries, you need to send your EPR reports every quarter by the 15th day after the quarter ends. Lovat users don’t need to worry about deadlines. They can check their EPR deadline in the Lovat dashboard and get reminders.


All EPR guides

Portugal EPR guide for packing

Finland EPR guide for packing


31 January deadline for DAC7 reporting

By the end of January 2024 online platform operators are required to submit DAC7 reports to the EU country to which they belong.


VAT Rate Changes in 2024


Lovat software updates

In the spirit of continuous improvement and in response to these evolving needs, we are excited to share 5 key enhancements made to the Lovat software in 2023:

  • 111 countries available for VAT reporting;
  • 128 currencies;
  • Chargebee, Xero integration;
  • EPR reporting;
  • DAC 7 reports now available for marketplaces.