Lovat Newsletter – July 2023

July 31st Deadline: Submit Your EPR Plan for France

You must submit a 5-year plan for waste prevention and eco-design by July 31st if you are registered for EPR in France and sell products in any of these categories: Packaging, Textille, Furniture, Sport and Garden goods.

You need to send this document to the French organization that corresponds to each sector you operate in.

To learn more about the EPR requirements in France, read the articles on our website:

Netherlands EPR packaging obligation

If you sell products with packaging materials in the Netherlands, you need to comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations. This means you have to register with the Packaging Waste Fund, report the quantity of packaging you bring or remove from the market, and pay a yearly contribution to the fund. You also have to follow the rules on single-use plastics and carrier bags. These regulations aim to reduce packaging waste and promote recycling. The EPR regulations are based on the 2014 Packaging Management Decree.

To learn more about the EPR packaging obligation in the Netherlands, read the full article on our website: EPR packaging obligation in the Netherlands.

Update of VAT guides

As part of our commitment to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on VAT rules and rates around the world, we have updated our VAT guides for five countries: Georgia, Mexico, Colombia, Zambia, and Cameroon.

These guides include the latest changes and developments on VAT registration thresholds, rates, exemptions, invoicing requirements, filing deadlines, and more.

Software update

We are constantly working to improve our software and add new features and functionalities that make your compliance journey easier and faster.

Here are some of the highlights of our latest software updates:

  • PayPal Integration: Our PayPal Integration has been updated, offering you improved functionality and smoother transactions for your e-commerce needs.
  • Processing Discounts in the Lovat API: We have made updates to the Lovat API to ensure accurate processing discounts, providing you with better control and flexibility when managing discounts in your system.
  • List of Supported Countries: Our list of supported countries has been updated, expanding the scope of our services to help you reach a wider customer base.
  • Tax Rate API: We have updated the Tax Rate API, ensuring you have access to the most recent and accurate tax rates for various regions and jurisdictions.
  • New Supported Currencies: We are pleased to announce the addition of two new supported currencies: LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee) and PYG (Paraguayan Guarani).

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions. We value your input and are here to assist you.

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