Lovat Newsletter – June 2024

New Labeling Rules in France

This update informs about new regulations in France requiring the Triman symbol and recycling instructions on packaging. These rules aim to enhance recycling transparency.

For detailed guidance, learn more here 

Lovat Integration with Xero

The integration between Lovat and Xero automates tax compliance by synchronizing financial data in real-time, which helps reduce manual entry and errors, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. 

5 things to know for a transit from one tax service to another

This article provides practical advice on switching tax service providers, emphasizing the importance of early planning, timely documentation transfer, and updating tax authority correspondence. It’s useful for businesses undergoing a change in their tax service provider. 

B2B Digital Sales in the USA: Sales and Use Tax Perspective

This section discusses the tax implications of B2B digital sales in the USA, including sales and use taxes, nexus rules, and tax obligations. It’s essential for businesses engaged in digital sales to understand their tax responsibilities. Read more 

Extended Producer Responsibility in the USA

EPR laws in the USA focus on shifting waste management responsibilities from consumers to producers. This impacts packaging, recycling, and product design, and is relevant for companies operating in states with such regulations. Learn more 

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