September 2021 Product Update

Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features and tools you can now take advantage of.

New features

For your convenience we have added the following functions to our platform:

  1. Geo-location for sales tax calculation – You can now define customer location ZIP from an IP address provided by a customer. It is very important for digital services in a situation when customers don’t want to provide a full billing address;
  2. New union-OSS return– is available for all users with VAT subscriptions. It is in line with EU VAT reform;
  3. Tax reports are now divided: When you choose the option to download tax reports for all countries now you get not one, but two reports: a sales tax report for US and VAT/GST report for VAT countries. You may need such reports for tax audit purposes.


  • Sales lists VAT numbers validation non-valid vat numbers are now marked in red in order to attract attention. The country of VAT number now can be determined from the number itself;
  • Italy sales list deadline Italian sales list deadline is much earlier than the VAT return deadline. You can check deadlines in the VAT guide.


  • Google account integrationwhen you sign up to the Lovat platform you can use your Google account to create an account. It makes the start easy. Just fill out your profile and fly!