New Hampshire sales tax guide New Hampshire sales tax guide

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a tax-free state and doesn’t have sales tax.


New Hampshire retailers are now subject to demands for customer information and tax payments. New Hampshire law does not affect the amount of sales tax if sales tax was paid in another state. However, as of 2018, states may require New Hampshire companies to collect and remit sales tax on sales to consumers in the state, even if the seller is not in the consumer’s state. New Hampshire companies that sell goods or services to other states will be required to collect and remit sales tax to states that collect sales tax if they meet the requirements to register as a taxpayer of a particular state.

If New Hampshire residents buy goods or services online, they are not required to pay sales tax in another state. However, in special cases, sales tax may be imposed on online purchases. The exception is for airline tickets purchased online, in which case you will be charged federal tax. You may also be subject to local tax in the state in which you rent a hotel or rent a car in another state, even if you do it online while in New Hampshire.

If your company is located and does business from New Hampshire, but sells or buys goods in a state that has a sales tax and you need information about that state’s tax policy for non-residents, contact that state’s tax agency.


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