Florida sales tax guide Florida sales tax guide


Standard rate



Reduced rate



Sales of tax-free products and services

If you transfer custom or electronic software, you do not need to pay sales tax.

New machinery and equipment are not taxed in Florida.


Who must register sales tax

If you are selling in Florida, have nexus in Florida, and your buyers are required to pay sales tax, you must register to collect and pay sales tax in Florida.



Merchant thresholds by state

Marketplace thresholds by state

The special rules are applicable to the SAAS business.

Software as Service Tax Thresholds by state.


Online Marketplaces


Registration procedure

You can register online through the Florida Department of Revenue. 

The information required for registration is determined depending on the type of business.


Sales tax payment and filing date

Based on your tax liability, determine your filing frequency – either monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual: 

  • Annual – $100 or less;
  • Semiannual – $101 – $500;
  • Quarterly – $501 – $1,000;
  • Monthly – More than $1,000.

Returns and payments are due the from 1st to 20 days of the month following each reporting period. If the 20th falls on a day off or state or federal holiday, returns are, timely if filed online, postmarked, or hand-delivered on the first workday following the 20th.


Penalty and interest

Late Filing Penalty – 10% of any unpaid tax if failure is up to 30 days, and an additional 10% of any unpaid tax for each additional 30 days, or fraction thereof, not to exceed 50%.



If you file online (e-file) your return and electronically pay (e-pay) tax in time, you are entitled to receive a collection allowance. The collection allowance is 2.5% (0.025 of the first $1,200 of the Amount Due (Line 10), not more than $30.