How to File German Annual VAT Return

More information about VAT in Germany you can find here


On your dashboard, you’ll see that the deadline for German Yearly VAT return is the 31st of July and whether its status is submitted or not.


Choose the country and the needed period which is the year in our case. If you have been uploading all of your transactions for the past year to the LOVAT platform – the system will take all of this data into account and show you the sums according to your figures.


In the next section, you can add your purchases from suppliers in Germany or import if you had any. More on this you can learn more in our other video. Also, you need to fill in the information about the VAT payments which you’ve paid during the year.


After you fill out the form in a few minutes and Yearly VAT return will appear in your account which you will be able to submit as usual. You will also get a notification in your email about the VAT payment needed if you have any VAT not paid for the past year.