Lovat Vat Filling

This video shows how easy it is to do manual VAT filling on the Lovat platform.

More information about VAT for each country you can find here: https://vatcompliance.co/vat-guides/


First of all, you have to use and upload your transactions Excel sheets received from your website or from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.
In the “Transactions” section, click add transactions, choose a needed website, then the type of sales you have, and tick whether you need VAT to be calculated by the system or you already have it.


During the process of uploading, you can check if everything is correct, for example, currency, transaction code, etc.
After that, you need to choose and later upload a necessary transaction file.


You can check your transactions by selecting the right period and if everything is done correctly the system will show them to you.


Afterward, you’ll be able to create your #VATreturn in the “VAT returns” section.
Choose a country, the reason for registration, and the period.
You will see that we already have all the information calculated – If you want to add some additional sales, acquisitions, and import information you can do it with the following steps of VAT return preparation.
Click fill form and you will get a message that your VAT return has been created. You can find it in the section of “VAT Return” by selecting the matching period and now you can also submit it directly to tax authorities.
Make a final check and if everything is ok – click submit and the VAT return will be submitted.