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Greece: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

No later than December 31, 2023, importing manufacturers of certain products are required to develop and organize alternative management systems for packing they have on the Greek market.

Pursuant to the extended producer liability (Article 29 of Law 4042/2012), every company that is a producer of packaging or a producer or user of other products that uses packaging as defined by Law 4496/2017 must follow the following rules.


Get your EPR number in countries where you sell your goods with packages.


Who is considered responsible?

  • All companies selling to Greek consumers must join the Greek packaging register.
  • Non-Greek distance sellers must register as packaging producers with the Greek take-back system.

This includes persons importing goods into Greece from third territories or third countries in the EU using an electronic interface such as a platform, web portal, or similar means.


Get your EPR number in countries where you sell your goods with packages


What is packaging?

 This means any product, made of any material, intended for the storage of goods, for the protection, handling, disposal and presentation of goods from raw materials. processed goods from the producer to the user or consumer. All “disposable” items used for the same purpose are considered packaging



There are no thresholds


 Producers’ obligations for EPR

  1. Register with the National Register of Manufacturers of Packaging and Other Products (EMPA).
  2. Register with collective alternative management systems (SSED) by entering into an agreement.
  3. Pays the financial contribution in accordance with the terms of the relevant agreement with the eco-operator. The fee is calculated based on the quantity, type, and category of products.
  4. Submit reports on the amount of packing placed on the market for each production year.


Authorized representative

An authorized representative is required for foreign companies to register (producers outside of Greece).


Administrative sanctions

Persons who fail to comply with the requirements of the Greek Extended Producer Responsibility Law may be subject to an administrative fine equal to the minimum amount of monetary contributions for the period of the last five (5) years.


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