Intra Community Acquisitions and Supplies Filling Step 4

In this video, we give additional information about such a section as “Intra-Community Acquisitions and Supplies”. 

This is the 4th section when you’re filling your VAT return on the LOVAT platform.


There are 2 steps with 2 types possible for each step:


“Intra-Community Acquisition”

1) The first type here is a purchase of goods from Suppliers of other EU countries.

For example, you’re submitting your German VAT return but bought goods from a Belgium supplier at the same time and paid him 1000 EUR for the supply of these goods. From his side, he will invoice you with a so-called “reverse charge invoice”.


It means that VAT should be paid by us in the destination country.

All such reverse charge invoices containing your VAT number should be filled in on this step. Put the data and the number of such invoices. Fill in the VAT number of our supplier and the value of purchases.


The VAT sum we need to calculate by ourselves for the standard rate.

The reduced rate may apply to such things as medical equipment, e-books, etc. Click “add record” afterward and you can see that the invoice was added to your VAT return.


2) The second type for this step is when you’re moving your own goods from one country to another. For example, we send our goods from our Polish warehouse to our German warehouse during this month. In this case, we should invoice ourselves to our German VAT number from our Polish VAT number and add this record.


“Intra-community Supplies”

1) The first one is sales to customers with a VAT number in another country.

If you click yes here and have Amazon integration you will see all such sales already filled automatically. 

We see that we sold our goods to customers with an Italian VAT number for 32 EUR value. Such operations are not subject to our VAT. This is the same reverse charge invoice and VAT will be paid in Italy by the customer but we still need to report this to tax authorities.


There is also an opportunity to add other transactions manually.

 For example, we sold goods to Austria for 500 EUR. We only fill in the sum and the VAT number of the customer – an Austrian one. If the customer doesn’t have a VAT number – such operation will be a normal subject for our VAT and will be included on the first step of filing the VAT return.


2) The second type of operation here is regarding the movement of goods.

Here we assume that from our German warehouse the goods were moved to the Spanish warehouse and we have the Spanish VAT number.

we choose Spain as the country and fill our Spanish VAT number. Such movement could be done not only by ourselves but also by Amazon Fulfillment centers. 


Please take note that if you want your LOVAT account to obtain and include such warehouse movement transactions from Amazon – you need to turn on “Amazon VAT Calculation services” in your Amazon account.

Now we can check if the data which we’ve just filled in has affected the VAT return.

The sum of our purchases from other EU countries will be reflected both with plus and minus.


Also below we can see our Sales List Report which has previously been ordered.