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Slovenia: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging

The regulations regarding Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) were initiated in Slovenia back in 2006. However, notable changes took place on April 24, 2021, when the new Slovenian decree no. 54/21 concerning packaging management came into effect, leading to the elimination of the minimum threshold requirement. Another adjustment stipulated by the law is that foreign remote sellers are now obligated to appoint an accredited proxy for compliance.


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Who bears the responsibility in Slovenia?

The Packaging Act and its associated regulations are applicable to all:

  • Manufacturers;
  • Packers;
  • Importers;
  • Traders;
  • Online shops.


What constitutes packaging according to the Packaging Act of Slovenia?

  • Glass;
  • Aluminium Metals;
  • Plastics, encompassing PET and PVC;
  • Paper;
  • Metals, encompassing steel and Aluminium;
  • Wood;
  • Alternative Materials (including Ceramics, Straw, Cork, Textiles).



There exists no predetermined minimum threshold, and all producers must register EPR packaging as soon as they introduce a single packaged item.


Producers’ Responsibilities for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Slovenia

Depending on the type of EPR products, the producer must register with the appropriate authority to obtain the packaging registration number:

1. Registration

The producer is required to enroll on the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) website to obtain the registration (EPR) number.

Producers must establish agreements with one of six Eco-operators to acquire a Certificate of Adherence.

Registration should encompass a financial guarantee.

2. Fee Payments

In accordance with the contract with the eco-operator, producers are obligated to make eco-contributions corresponding to each type of material.

3. Reporting

Annual reports detailing packaging quantities must be submitted.


Authorized Proxy

The producer must appoint an authorized proxy based in Slovenia to fulfill the packaging law requirements on the producer’s behalf.


Reporting Deadline

The deadline for submitting the yearly report in Slovenia is by March 31st.


Penalties or Sanctions

A fine of EUR 4,000 will be levied in case of the producer’s non-compliance with the obligations outlined in Article 10 of the regulation.


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