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Standard rate


A reduced VAT rate of 10% applies to basic food, regular newspapers, medical supplies, publications, public transport services, utilities, etc.


Zero rate

Serbia applies various exemptions with a refund of tax paid at preceding stages for:

  • Supplies of goods relating to aircrafts and ships used in international traffic.


Local small taxpayer is an entity that sells goods or services for an amount not exceeding 8,000,000.00 dinars in the previous 12 months. There is no prescribed threshold for foreign entities.

Deductible VAT

Registered taxpayers have the right to deduct their input VAT from VAT payable if the following conditions are met:

  • The source materials are used for their own consumer purposes;
  • The taxpayer has been issued an invoice according to the model established by tax legislation.

Excess of input VAT in a given tax period may be offset for tax repayment in the following tax periods, or the taxpayer may apply for a refund of such VAT.

Registration procedure

For registration, you must fill out the “PR1 Declaration” form and attach an extract from the trade register no older than 3 months. We can help you properly prepare a package of documents and send them to the tax office.

Tax representative

Foreign entities that supply goods to Serbia and are required to register must appoint a fiscal representative to comply with tax requirements.

Tax representative can be:

  • A company;
  • A person engaged in entrepreneurial activity;
  • A physical person.

In order for a person to be appointed a fiscal representative, it is necessary that he falls under the following criteria:

  • He has a registered headquarter or residence in the Republic of Serbia;
  • He must be in the VAT system for at least 12 months before applying for approval of VAT representation of  a concrete foreign person;
  • On the day of applying he mustn’t have any payable and unsettled debts for public revenues;
  • He isn’t convicted for tax criminal acts.

VAT returns filing and VAT payment date

In Serbia, VAT declarations are submitted on a monthly and quarterly basis. Return must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting period.

The deadline for paying the tax coincides with the deadline for filing the declaration.


Failure to comply with requirements such as registration, reporting, payment of tax on the foreign entity can be subject to a fine of 10,000 to 2,000,000 dinars.

Digital services

VAT Standard rate



The registration threshold has not been set.

Pieces of evidence

As a rule, the following criteria are used to determine the place of delivery

  • Customer’s address;
  • The address to which the invoice is issued;
  • Phone code (phone code of Serbia +381);
  • Buyer’s IP address;
  • The location of the customer’s fixed land line through which the service is supplied to him.

In most countries, this list is not exhaustive and, depending on the conditions, other data may be used.

E-services list

The exact list of e-services means by Serbian tax legislation is not yet clear.

However, it is likely that such services will include:

  • Telecommunications;
  • Streaming or downloading media;
  • E-learning;
  • Data storage and processing;
  • Electronic books;
  • Cloud-based software and as-a-Service products (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Registration procedure

The application is submitted online through a special portal designed to simplify the submission of documents to the tax office.

VAT returns filing and VAT payment date

The rules for filing declarations for electronic service providers are the same as for online sellers of goods: you need to file a refund and pay tax no later than the 15th day of the month following the reporting period (month or quarter).


Failure to comply with requirements such as registration, reporting, payment of tax on the foreign entity can be subject to a fine of 10,000 to 2,000,000 dinars.